Thursday, 3 October 2013

Checklist for Creating Master Copy for Duplication

CD Duplication
The concept of CD duplication as well as replication has brought major changes in the business promotion & marketing tactics of several businesses. The replication services have helped several music bands to grow their career and spread the magic of the music. With the help of the replication services, several institutes have made it easier for the candidates to learn the subject electronically and with ease. It is due to these services that the businesspersons could make their customers know more about their company & products easily with the CDs. This is not all, as there are numerous other industries, which could benefit from the services of CD duplicators and DVD duplicators.

Although, the duplication companies use several advanced techniques & technologies to develop or duplicate the CDs & DVDs, yet the quality of the master disc plays an important role. To get the quality services from the duplicators, people have to take the first step on their own by creating the master copy. The quality of the master copy decides the quality of the duplicated or replicated discs. Therefore, when copying the discs, each person has to ensure that the master copy is created with no errors.

To help you in creating the master copy, here are some tips that will make you ensure that the quality of the master copy is flawless.

Tips to create Flawless Master Copies for Duplication & Replication:

  • To create the master copy, selection of the high quality optical storage disk is important. You must
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    always make sure that you invest the money in buying a disc from reliable & reputable brand. To create the good copies, it is important that the master copy has high quality, and which do not get corrupt when creating the duplicates.
  • To use a network source directly for copying the master disc is a strict no. You must first copy the content on the local drive and then burn the CD/ DVD. In case, the copying on local drive is not possible, then there is also an option of hard drive first. With this method, a temporary file gets created on the system at the time of burning which gets deleted automatically once the data gets copied.
  • In case, you are using the laptop to burn the copy, then simply ensure that the battery is charged completely. By not doing so, it might create the fluctuations or interruptions in the data copying, which would ultimately affect the quality of the discs.
  • There is a method of packet writing for disc burning. If you too are thinking about using this method, then we would advise you to re think about this. This method has re-writing capabilities, due to which this is adopted at a major level. But still, if you will talk about its effectiveness then it is not up to the mark, as it is not compatible with every CD-ROM drive.
  • During the disc burning process, try not to make any movement in the drive. By doing this, there is a
    DVD Duplicator
    possibility of track jump or skip. If this happens, then the quality would not be as per the satisfaction. 
  • For disc burning, there is a “burn proof” feature. This is quite effective method for burning discs. If you have this option available with you, then try to use it.  People say that it slower downs the speed off data supply, but this is also a fact that the quality received with this method is satisfactory. So, for high quality, if you have to sacrifice a bit in terms of speed, then it shouldn’t be a matter of concern.

  • You should also keep one another aspect into consideration. Make sure that too many applications are not opened at the time of copying the data. If the applications are open, then it would affect the ability of the burner drive in supplying data.

So, these are the tips, which you must keep into consideration while creating master copies for your replication or duplication project.

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