Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ideas To Design Attractive DVD Covers

DVD packaging
DVDs and CDs are widely used by several companies as an effective promotional tool; in fact, you might as well be using these discs to market your products/services and build a brand in the market. So, do you think that distributing these discs is just enough to promote the business? Do you also feel that some extra element can be added to this? How about the idea of packaging & printing? DVD packaging plays an important role in adding the element of attraction.

Importance of DVD packaging:
Packaging is one of the crucial aspects that help in attracting or grabbing the attention of the audience. It is the first thing that gets noticed and helps in forming the first impression. Even before listening or watching the content inside the disc, the packaging creates interest in the people. To make this cover impressive, it is important to work upon some creative aspect. Let us look at some ideas for the same:

  • Using Paintings & Artwork
If it is possible to reflect the product or artist in the form of painting, then that would look very attractive. This is one of the very creative ways for DVD printing. There are DVD replication service providers, who offer these creative services of designing the disc cover. There are several artists, who can customize the covers like this, so you can contact them for their services.

  • Using Photos
Photographs can easily express thousands of words. With just one glance, the viewer can understand the
hidden meaning behind the pictures. You can use photos, portraits, or scenery images that best express the essence of the project. With the help of photo editing tools, you can add an extra flair to depict the exact element that represents your work or project.

  • Logo & Type:
To keep it simple yet powerful, you can simply use the logo or type that represents your business and is on the website, business card, or other marketing material. You can just use the logo or type for DVD printing idea, and that would really work wonders for your brad building and recall value.

Advice: Which ever cover you choose, make sure that it looks perfect in its thumbnail view as well, because if you publicize your discs at online stores, then thumbnail view would be visible to the buyers. 

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