Thursday, 17 October 2013

How You Will Take Care Of The Cds/ Dvds?

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There might be lots of albums at your home but do all of them work well when you play them? Some of the disks may be working but some of the disks those are not taken care of or get old, do not work well. Most of the people forget to take care of the discs and while playing they get to realize that if they have maintained them well on time then this problem may not have been occurred. To ensure sound working of the disks, there are two aspects, firstly, getting the services for CD or DVD replication, like CD printing, manufacturing, distribution, etc. from experienced & renowned companies, & secondly taking care of the discs while using them.

The first point that has to be considered is to buy quality product. Buying a quality product will help in increasing its life. This applies to CD as well, while purchasing a disc make sure that you are buying appropriate and right CD. Buying a quality product itself increases the life of a disk. This is also to be noted that if the disk has proper replication mark on it then surely it is going to benefit you and will not require much care as well.

Today, we are discussing about the second aspect, and have mentioned certain points that will help in taking care of CDs and DVDs:

  • Keep them away from direct light exposure
It is always suggested and advised that a disc should be kept away from direct sunlight. Too much exposure
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of the light affects the recording layer of the disc, as a result of which film used in it gets affected and while playing the CD it gets hanged or does not play properly. This is also to be noted that too much of direct light or sunlight effects the quality and thus requires lot of care afterwards. So, it is better to store them in proper rack and in proper pack that is assigned to them.
  • Always handle discs with outer edges
Handling of a CD plays an important role. One should know the proper and accurate way of handling a CD. A disk should be handled by the outer edges or the center hole. This is right method of holding it and also with clean hands. What happens most of the times is, a disk when handled wrongly, leave marks on it, which further makes it hanged or even does not play when you want to watch your favorite one. So, in taking care point handling of disk also plays a crucial role.

  • Clean the disk on regular basis:

Cleaning again is important point that one has to consider while taking acre of a DVD. Cleaning involves proper procedure and when it comes to a DVD then complete care and treatment is essential and required. One should clean disks by wiping clean cloth in a straight line from the center of the disc towards the outer edge. One can also use purified or tap water to clean and for the tough spots use mild detergent that can remove spots and clean it completely. Also, while playing a DVD always check the surface before playing it.

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