Friday, 23 August 2013

Why Blu-Ray Discs Are Chosen From Duplication Companies

In sake of earning high profits, industries look out for the best possible ways by which they can earn profits and can make their products and services known to the masses. For this, industries opt for the duplication companies and disc distributors that are known to be the perfect mode in promoting a client’s business. Companies that are professional, look out for the professional services that can help in promoting and publicizing their business. In the race of disks, it has become bit difficult to select from the disks that are available in the market and are best to promote the services. Out of those, Blu-ray CD has moved one step ahead as compared to other disks and has lots of features that will surely help your services to come out in more informative manner. A Blu-ray CD (BD) is similar to Standard DVD (SDVD) and is derived from the blue color of the laser that is used to read and write the BDs. Here are some its features:

·         Large Storage capacity
The important feature of this disk is its high capacity of video and data. This disk has up to 9 hours of high definition video or 23 hours of standard definition video or up to 50 GB of data. This means that it has over 5 times of the capacity of the standard DVDs, which makes Blu-ray CDs with more capacity that can help in distributing high definition feature films or content that you want to deliver. 

·         High resolution video           
The second main feature is regarding the picture quality. Well, each business person needs to have supreme quality in picture, as through pictures only the customer gets attracted. If the picture work will not be appropriate then surely, your efforts may get affected. Picture quality depends on the bit rates. If we talk about Bly-ray disc, then it delivers video at an average of about 48 megabits per second with rich and high definition video content. Also, this disc can provide full 1080p resolution video to increase the viewing quality even further.
Superior quality audio
If we talk about the audio, then you must know that this disk supports up to 7.1 channels of high definition. What will happen if the sound of the disk is not clear or with lots of disturbance or not of high quality, nobody will take interest in knowing about your services and people will stop watching the disc. This disk has uncompressed surround sound along with the support for up to 32 streams of audio, which gives the real experience of listening to the audio. As picture work is essential, so is the work for audio is essential when it comes to duplication. For this, the most effective method is to opt for the Blu-ray discs that provide you with lots of benefits.
·         More durability
Durability completely depends on the polymer technology that makes the disk more durable. If we talk about the durability in the Blu-ray discs, they are more durable than CD and DVD. In the duplication process, techniques are applied on the layer of the disk so that it becomes scratch-resistant.

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