Thursday, 8 August 2013

How Can You Escape The Trap Of Cheap Quality CD Duplication Services?

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With the rising numbers of the CD duplication service providers, hasn’t it become difficult to identify who would provide quality services? Do you also get confused when choosing the duplicator for getting the CDs & DVDs duplicated? If yes, then here is an effective solution that would make you out of this trap. Follow these tips and stay away from the cheap quality providers.

  • Be careful when someone boast about lower prices:
Is someone trying to allure you with lower price rates for duplication services? If so, then be little more precautious towards his services, even you think about availing them. Before you give him orders for getting the duplicated copies of your master discs, thoroughly ensure that you no compromise would be done on quality on terms of lower prices.

  • Check the printing quality of the work done in past:
You can have a look at the DVDs & CDs that are previously done by him. Pay special attention to the printing quality. If the quality of that work doesn’t appeal you then you know what you have to do next. Make sure that until you are fully satisfied you do not have to place the orders.

  • The trap of additional services:
There are duplicators who provide additional services to their customers. Other than the duplication services, DVD distribution, printing or packaging services as well. This is no doubt an added facility, but you have to make sure that the quality of these services is also up to the mark. If he is distributing the DVDs as well, then check for his networking and freight facilities. If you are getting printing services then check for the quality of printing colors, 300 dpi, industry standard paper, etc. And if it is the packaging services, then look out for the creative & quality options like paper sleeves and jewel cases are used for packaging the discs.
CD Duplication
they might offer

  • Glance at the final product:
This is the last step that you would have to do to check that you have received what was promised to you. Check out the CDR media copies created by him. It should be perfect from each and every aspect.

Do follow these tips to ensure that you are getting only the quality services and nothing else.

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