Monday, 11 February 2013

The era of Multimedia Storage

Gone are the days of books, papers, video tapes, floppies, etc. The way information is handled in this era is different. It is the age of computers and technology. So CDs and DVDs have replaced the racks altogether. Especially cassettes, audio tapes, etc. are all gone now. Seldom will you find a tape recorder or walkman. Multimedia storage has seen the entry of CDs and DVDs over a decade now. In fact, this generation is all about using external storage disks of varying capacities. And so DVDs and CD multimedia storage have seen a growth in their demand.

It is easier to go for MP3, MPEG and full length videos and movies with the new multimedia storage available. The world of entertainment has witnessed a drastic change. There are varied types of disks and diskettes available on the shelves, the latest ones being the optical type, Blu-ray technology, EcoDisk standards and more. Their quality is great with higher resolution, better picture and audio quality. Besides, they are safe to be carried along with you wherever you travel. No need to be worried about the scratches and spoiling the CD or DVD in the course. This is especially required in case of corrupt files, bad data quality, data retrieval, etc.

CD duplicator and DVD duplicator are also in demand. DVD duplication is different than that of DVD replication. Where duplication requires burners to duplicate large quantity of DVDs at a time, replication only involves stamping new DVDs using a glass master. The former process is really very expensive and even more if it is using color ink-jet. The latter one comes at a very affordable price along with the fees for glass mastering and color screening on the disc.

There are many companies offering the services for duplication and replication. It is better to get quotes first, based on their services and reviews and only then decides which one to go for. DVD duplication is in great demand not only by the music companies and other professional use, but also for personalized use. Many companies, book publications, wedding cards, return gifts and more have to go for the CD or DVD duplication to provide the extra material and details as appendices, program details, flash invites and more. Beware of piracy and the pirated products while opting for duplication.

So what is your say in Multimedia storage? Which is more hit these days, DVDs or disks or CDs or anything else?

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