Friday, 15 February 2013

Know How the Disc Duplicators Function

If you ask ‘Is there any technology that can produce a large number of discs within a short time span’, then disc duplicator is the only equipment that assists you to get the copies of disc in bulk in an assured time frame. Here, in this blog we are going to discuss about the disc duplicator, an incredible technology with which you can avail a mass CD duplication or replication. For producing the duplicate disc copies, you will need to get a recorded or a raw CD or DVD. It allows the process of copying data or information on the discs that may be in a quantity of hundreds, thousands or even more than that.

Disc duplication procedure differs from disc burning process

Everyone knows that a disc is used to store the audio, video, or data in various formats such as facts & figures. Normally, the discs are made in a better or advanced format. With the use of an original CD or DVD, the required number of disc copies is produced. Here, the media can be in either CD-Audio form or CD-ROM form. The process of disc duplication via CD or DVD duplicator is completely different from disc burning process that everyone follows at their home via their computer systems. In this, the pits of the original disc are molded into the blank disc instead of burning it in a dye layer.

Glass mastering and photoresist mastering

Now-a-days, numerous mastering techniques are available in the market and glass mastering is one of the most famous techniques among them. The technique of glass mastering is completed in a clean environment within the authentic mastering system. Today, most of the service providers, who deal in DVD printing and CD distribution, use the glass mastering technology to accomplish the disc duplication procedure. The photoresist mastering is another technique that uses photoresist, a light sensitive material, to develop the disc pits and lands on the original disc. Unlike the glass master technique, the LBR utilize a deep blue laser for the master. When the disc duplicator finishes the mastering procedure, the created glass is located in the metalized that utilizes an amalgamation of vacuum drives to subordinate the air compression inside.

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