Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Business Promotion with Print Media vs. Digital Media

When it comes to promote one’s business and market the products and services, the print media and the digital media plays a great role. Where the promotion is considered as one of the important tools to take a fight of successful business, people have to choose the best option to promote their business. Here, the business persons have to options to make the best promotion deal and that are print media and digital media. However, both the methods are popular and used by people to market the good and services; but still, there are few differences between them. Let’s here discuss and know what is the best option, for which you should go to make the profitable promotional deal and it comes as follows:

Changing popularity with time: In the early time, when the digitalization technology was not there, people like to read things or any type of advertisement in the newspapers, magazines, and other publications such as pamphlets, booklets etc. At that time the demand of print media was on high and businesses, which want to promote their products and services used to make their approach to the printing press to print the advertisement of their products and distribute them among the targeted market. But now, as we are living in 21st century that is known for the science and technology, today’s generation is coming up to digital platform and instead of reading the advertisements in newspapers and magazines, they like to watch it on the screen. And so the businesses after considering the choice of the masses, they make their way to the digital media service providers and it has become the demand of promotional world of this age. 

Cost effectiveness: In today’s time, as people are bringing their business at an advanced platform with the digital technology, the prominence of print media is slowly getting reduced. There are still people, who run their business at medium level and go to take the help of print media to promote their business. But, to get the printed advertisements, they have to pay huge amount and so get less profits. On the other hand, when it comes to the digital media, which is on a high demand, you can get the services of DVD duplicator at competitive prices. And as you can get the promotional CDs and DVDs at very cheapjack prices, you become able to reduce the cost of promotion and so can make good profits.

Target customers:  In the early times, there was a small group of people, which was educated and could read the advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Therefore, the targeted customers were limited, in which businesses have to distribute the printed advertisements. Due to a limited market, business had less opportunity to promote their business at a great level. But, with the digital media, now people are able to extend their business by promoting it among large numbers of customer. Now it doesn’t matter whether the customers are educated or uneducated, they can understand the features of products and services while watching them on the screen. And with the CD and DVD distribution, businesses can beautifully describe the features and advantages of their goods and services.

Limited sources to make the promotional method creative:
In Print media, there were limited sources to make the promotional items creative and innovative. At that time, people only used to apply the colored print fonts on different types or quality of papers to attract the customers and convince them to read the advertisement. But, in Digital media platform; there are lots of methods, through which one can make the promotional item more creative and attractive. Now, the businesses, which deal in CD duplication, with the help of DVD and CD printing strategy, make the promotional DVDs more creative. Therefore, large numbers of people get attract towards these promotional items and get convince to watch them. These days, a CD duplicator also serves as a CD distributor and distributes the promotional optical CDs and DVDs among the targeted customers.

After considering the above points, we come at a conclusion that in today’s time as compare to the print media, digital media is the good option to promote the business, as with the help of it you can target the large number of people and can market your products and services at competitive prices.


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