Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Business Promotion: Traditional Source vs. Contemporary Source

Business promotion: On the top of your ‘business to do list’

If you are a businessperson, then you must know the prominence of the business promotion. From the early time in the business world, there has been a great importance of business promotions. We can say that business promotion is the crossroad between success and failure and it may be the greatest expense of running your business. People can’t become your customers, if they don’t know you; and therefore, as a businessperson, it is essential for you to promote your business at your best level. In business, the promotional task should be on the top of your business to do list. For every businessperson, who wants to gain a great success in the industry, it is mandatory for him to promote his business, products, or services.

Print Media: Traditional source of business promotion

In the early time, the promotion of every business was completely based on print media. People used to make their approach to the print presses to get their promotional advertisements in printed form. At that time, it was considered as one of the best way to promote one’s business, and most of the people used to read the news or current affairs in printed form. The businesspersons used to distribute various printed advertisements such as booklets, broachers, newspapers, magazines etc. in the targeted audience and with the help of that, they used to approach maximum number of the customers to get the various business opportunities. 

Optical Disc: Promotional source of the contemporary age

In the 21st century, we all have entered in the digital world, where everyone wants to read and watch the matters in digital form on the screen. As in today’s time, people are enjoying the valuable gifts of the science and technology; most of the people are coming up with new strategies of the business promotion. Now, optical disc as one of the best sources of business promotion, has taken a great place in the business sector. These days, people promote their business with the help of promotional CDs and DVDs, which significantly tell the nature of their business and promote the products and services.

Traditional promotional source vs. modern promotional source

With the change of the time, we can create huge difference in the features of traditional and modern sources of business promotion and these go as follow:

     Targeted media

As in the early time, a small group of people was educated, and so, the businesses had a limited targeted audience, in which they used to promote their business, products, and services with the help of print media. But, in the modern time, as the technology has taken a new phase, most of the people prefer to watch things in digital form instead of going to read them in printed form. No matters, whether the audience is educated or uneducated, in both of situations, people can get to know about one’s business, products, and services. Therefore, the businesses get a large targeted audience to tell about their services or products with the help of DVD or CD distribution.


With the traditional source, the businesses had to invest a large amount of money in the promotion, because that time the print media was available at high costs. But, when we talk about the optical disc as a modern source of business promotion, people can have a bulk of discs at very cost-effective prices. Now, most of the businesses prefer the services of CD replication or DVD replication, with the help of these services, they get huge number of disc copies at cheapjack prices.

     Creative and interesting way of promotion

In the early time, a few number of people used to take interest to go through the printed alphabets of the advertisements. But, in today’s time with the modern technology of the business promotion, the optical disc creatively speaks out the nature of one’s business. And people take great interest in watching the informative news or advertisements on the screen. These days, most of the businesses go for the creative DVD printing services, which help them to attract the potential customers.

We can say that with the contemporary source of business promotion, people are taking high flights of success and getting huge profits in the industry.

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