Friday, 17 August 2012

Some 400 Words That Make You Choose Best CD Printing Services

Whenever a technology gets advanced, it offers multiple options on particular subject. Therefore, choosing the one that meets the purpose in the best manner is must; otherwise there are chances of getting lost in the crowd. To understand it better let’s start with our topic only i.e. CD printing. Everyone is aware of the popularity and power of CDs and DVDs. One can attain great business through the small CDs as these hold great power when it comes to reach masses in minimum time & affordable price. The world of CD replication & duplication is obviously not hidden from any one, but one thing that people may not know about is the CD printing Do you know that the prints on the CD holds great relevance as they add to the recognition as well as promotion factor.

A CD can be printed in numerous ways; the important thing to know is which one does best suits our requirements. Analyzing the one makes half the work done and simply the rest of the remaining. 

First of all let’s have a look at the different types of printing:

    Thermal transfer printing method: 

The two types of thermal transfer printing that are used in printing CDs are single color and full color. This is one of the simplest forms of printing a CD and is suitable when the CD needs a content description. This method is cost effective as well as time saving. This method is also adopted for printing CDs when it requires similar looking labels across various titles.

    Offset Litho printing method: 

In this method photographic exposure is used to produce the plates. Commonly known as litho printing, it requires 4 major colors i.e. YMCK (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black)

    Screen printing method:

Screen printing method is appreciated for being simplest as well as economical. This is the method, which should be adopted when high quality images are required to be printed on CDs.

    Inkjet printing methods:

The method of spraying ink on the compact disk in a proper manner is Inkjet printing method. The development of inkjet printers greatly helps in printing the regular CDs & DVDs. This is the best choice when nothing else matter, except quality.

Now, you can easily choose which method would best suit your requirement of printing CDs. You can avail these services from renowned CD Duplicator at the most nominal prices. Browse the internet or talk to people in the industry, you’ll definitely find one close to you.

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