Sunday, 5 August 2012

Several Stages of a Disc Journey

Everyone is aware of CDs and DVDs in today’s time. Probably, there would be anyone, who has not heard of these words. CDs and DVDs play significant role in the world of entertainment. The call of this digital age heightens the business of CDs and DVDs’ industry. People store games, pictures, videos, data in CDs and DVDs and view them in future to entertain them. But, have people ever thought about the mystery behind their creation and about their journey? Here, let’s take a short flight on the various stages of a disc journey:

Disk (CD or DVD) replication: When an optical disc is manufactured, the process of producing disc does not involve the burning step of blank CD, DVD. This process is known as the replication of disc (CD and DVD) and latter, it is known as duplication.

The replication process of an optical disc involves the following:

1.    First comes the creation of a glass master from a client original master.
2.    The creation of a nickel stamper from the glass master.
3.    Third comes the injection molding of clear optical-grade from that stamper.
4.    Finally, the metalizing and lacquering of those substrates to produce compact CDs and DVDs. 

Disc (CD or DVD) Duplication:  Disc (CD or DVD) duplication is the fastest and simplest way to produce number of copies for mass media. In the business industry, CD or DVD duplication is used on a wide scale to promote one’s business. CD duplication is the method of replication information onto a blank disc. It provides a countless possibilities for digital media storage and exhibition. There is a minor difference between CD duplication and CD replication and this difference allows people to select the appropriate procedure based on their needs.

Disc (CD or DVD) Packaging: As the looks of a disc makes first impression on buyers, the packaging process of a disc is very much important. A Disc (CD or DVD) must look professional. In order to give it a professional look that quickly produce a large quantity of the disc, an on-disc CD printer or DVD printer gives it a vibrant color, high resolution and available automation.

The life journey of a disc (CD & DVD) is not as easy as it looks. Before, being a production source it has to undergo through different above process stages and this process goes on to produce a large quantity of discs.

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