Tuesday, 12 June 2012

An overview on CD Replication and Duplication

Replication and duplication of CDs are two processes which are quite puzzling for a person. People usually get confused between these two terms. Some even take them as synonyms of each other. However, the two processes are different from each other in many aspects.

CD Replication is involved in the manufacturing process of a CD. It creates a replica CD of the master CD by molding the disc from a stamper. It is mostly used when you want a large number of copies of a disc. Data cannot be added or removed once the process of replication is complete. The CDs made are of superior quality. They are created in such a way so that you get the cloned copies of the original one and even the CD goes through CD printing. A CD molding machine or replicator is designed in such a way that you get exactly the same copy. There is not even the slightest difference between the discs.

CD duplication on the other hand, is an easy process that can be carried at home. It involves burning of data into the disc. If you need to create just one or two copies, you can get it done with the help of the software that burns data to the disc.

Duplication of the CD does not cost you at all. It is very cheap and you can easily do it at your home or find someone in your local market or over the internet who can do it for you. There are many companies which provide duplicating services. However, you must make sure that there are many scamming companies in the market. You should check out their products before you actually avail their services.

The same goes for the disc replicating companies. They are much more reliable and trustworthy than duplicating companies. This is because of the use of highly efficient technology is used in the process of replication than the one used in the duplicator. Replication will provide you with the cloned copy, whereas duplication will provide you with a copy of a disc that is cheap. Data can be burned, added and removed in the duplication process but this does not happen in the replication. You can consider replication for professional purposes and for personal use, you can go for duplication.

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