Monday, 28 May 2012

Main difference between CD duplication and CD replication

When you will start looking for the CD DVD Duplication, obviously you will be asked the different questions about what type of services do you need for the CD DVD Duplication concerned with your project and you might wonder that may be all burnable discs are same. However, it is not same. There is a different media which are employed for the CD DVD Duplication orders and the media which is used to manufacture the CD DVD Duplication.

The CD replication is one of the standard media which is employed to manufacture the CDs in  bulk. This is also same in the case of DVDs. The layers of the polycarbonate plastics are used to save the mastered information. After that it is usually screened and lacquered and then packaged.

There are many people who often get confused about the difference between the DVD duplication and DVD replication and use both of them as synonyms. Duplication is basically a process in which the information is transferred into the disk by employing the CD DVD Duplicator or DVD burners.

The DVD duplication is the method where the data are actually burnt by employing the DVD burners. There is only the requirement of a software and the DVD burner for making a recordable DVD. If you need an additional DVD copies then you have to repeat the whole process again. It is an inexpensive  method and is used only for the personal use for transferring the data. The process of DVD replication is also called as the professional method of DVD burning. In this professional method the DVD from which you have to make copies is molded to disk to make its exact copy.

For example if you are having a DVD of your original compositions, then you will need DVD replication for creating the large number of copies with the help of DVD printing. The DVD replication helps you to ensure that the new copies made are reliable, of good quality and durable.

Therefore we can say that both of these processes are used for the same process but the DVD replication is used for commercial purpose whereas DVD duplication is used for the personal use to store the data or for making copies of the disk.

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