Thursday, 21 November 2013

Media Handling Tips for Churches: How To Revive The Discs For Distribution?

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How many churches are there in Australia? Any counts? Well, let’s not count them as well, as our concern is not that. But our concern is how these churches can make the best use of the advanced technology to transform the church service into take home experience.

There are churches at different corners of the country, which distributes the media of the sayings and lessons. The standard way followed by most of the churches is recording the media files into cassette, CDs & DVDs.

Our blog is dedicated towards reviving this media collection and adding a spark to it. Here are certain ideas, which can be implemented for not only reviving the collection but also moving ahead with the modern world of technology.

  • The magic with disc printing:
With the disc printing services, one can easily add up a spark to the disc collection. The efforts to make the people recall the learning at the church should not be limited to recording; instead, engagement and interest can also be generated with some creative elements. And yes, disc printing is not at all an expensive thing, so it can be easily affordable.

  • Redesigning the label
By using the pictures and even creative fonts, labels can be redesigned. Labels on the discs prove as an interesting element and can work to add engagement element as well. You can ask a graphic designer (it is good if you can find any follower who can do it) to design a motivating label for the CDs.

  • Reaching to the community in a better way
If there is a new member in the community, then it is a good way to welcome him with the CD/DVD. With
DVD Manufacturing
the creative discs, you can also invite the new members to be a part of the services of the Church. Well, not only this, you can also make the members, who have to leave the community, realize that they are yet not forgotten. With the disc distribution to these members, one can easily keep in touch with them and convey them that they can be a part of service as & when they have the time.

If the list of congregation has grown in the recent years, and it is getting difficult to produce several copies of discs, then you can get the services of DVD manufacturing or disc duplication. It is not only a time saving way to produce more copies in lesser time, but is also an economical way for creating number of copies. 

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