Thursday, 18 July 2013

Top 4 Tips for Music Bands to Save Money While CD Replication & Duplication

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When it comes to a music launch, it demands many expenses, or you can say investment. Talking about different stages-first at the time of recording, studios charge several dollars per hours, secondly while creating several copies of DVDs/CDs, CD duplicator would charge you a good amount, and last the vast CD distribution process would require a huge amount of money. Now the question is, can this amount of investment be reduced without affecting the ROI? Yes, there is a solution to every problem, and we have unveiled it for you. We have 4 easy tips that would make you reduce the cost of CD replication and duplication.

The 4 Easy Ways To Save Money During Replication/Duplication:

  • Precisely select the artwork:
In most cases, it’s the artwork that costs more. So, if possible, move ahead with smarter planning & use artwork that isn’t much complex. Disc duplicators & replicators cost a good amount for artworks, so you need to be careful with it. Be more creative & come up with effective artistic statement using only black and white. In case, you need colors in your artwork, then try to compress it and reduce upon the pages. Your album can easily work wonders without extraordinary artwork as well, however, you should always make sure that a professional, or expert handles your work.

  • Is a jewel case a real necessity :
When you get the album replicated instead of duplicating, then jewel cases cost less. However, you can get still cheaper options in the market for certain situations; for instance-two panel sleeves. Yes, you will not be able to promote them at the radio stations, as these are not full albums, still it would not be bad for EPs and singles.

  • Time to shop around:
Do not just stick to one company for getting CDs replicated or duplicated. Shop around in the market and you’ll find different quotes for your band’s CD by different companies. With lowest quote, you can start a bidding war and get a good deal for your band. You might save a lot of money with this.

  • Bulk Orders:
You would have heard that getting bulk copies is less costly. But, do not get swayed away with this discount
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and order the number that you even do not require. Most of the bands are able to sell around 300-400 copies. You should also check out your requirement and make orders accordingly. It is important that you gauge the accurate number and make orders accordingly. You can however order few more copies for distribution as incentives or gifts, but still do keep the numbers accurate.

These are certain points that would help you cut down the cost while launching the CDs for your band music. If you have any other ideas, you are free to comment in the below box and share with others.

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