Wednesday, 9 January 2013

All about Promotional CD Business Cards

A business card is an important tool that tells people about our identity in the business world. Many a times, we offer our business card to business associates, potential customers in the market, and even the strangers, who can be the good source of business. The business card describes our status in the corporate world and let our associates remember us for any business deal in the future. In a way, business card plays a magnificent role in the successful career.

Popularity of disc business card
As a business leader, you might have offered your paper business card to the associates. But have you ever wondered whether this single paper card might affect your business with its disadvantage of limited content or information storage capacity? Do you know with the advent of CD business card, as a gift of technology, this disadvantage has solved out? Yes, it is true. The CD business card is an outstanding technology that has been designed to market the business products and services at a large scale. However, this technology was arrived in late 1990’s, but its popularity with various businesses as a marketing and promotional tool has just come in consideration. Day-by-day, it is becoming more common at sales & marketing teams and trade shows, and not only this, but many of the universities are also taking this incredible technology of CD business card in use to promote their course catalogs and curriculum.

How many of you are aware of the power of this innovative technology that allows you to distribute and describe information about your business products and services largely? CD business cards have great advantages over the traditional marketing tools such as brochures, business cards, standard CDs, and DVDs. To understand better, let us compare the two methods.  The traditional methods are quite common and do not stand well in the innovative world. Moreover, these are generally ignored, lost, or thrown away. However, when it comes to disc business cards, these are very attractive in their shape, high on data storage capacity, and most importantly, the need of today’s business world. Here, not only the manufacturing cost of disc business cards is less than high-end brochures and catalogs, but if you mail it out, their postage also becomes less than it is for printed catalogs and magazines.

When you compare the CD disc business card to the standard disc, its advantage is two folded. Its small size immensely draws the attention and interest of customers as compared to standard discs. Secondly, its small size allows you to carry it anywhere and keep it safe. If we ask you to carry a dozen of standard discs into your pocket, it is just impossible to do, but you can make it possible in the case of disc business cards.

Market the business products and services via CD business card
It is obvious that as a business leader, you would have been looking for a promotional tool that assists you to advertise your business at a large scale. And here, to get this done CD business cards greatly comes into play. However, numerous service providers are there, who deal in DVD/CD replication and duplication services, but there are just few, who offer disc business card, presentation creation, and cross-platform disc publishing services as well. When you go to get the CD business card service, it normally includes creation of data files, publishing master data disc, artwork creation, publishing for disc label, disc duplication or replication, CD printing & packaging and distribution.

Here, the creation of data files is about development of a simple PDF file that may consist of multimedia presentation with virtual tours, video, images, music, slideshows, e-mail, and links to web pages. All these features make the disc business cards look more interesting and attractive. After this, the manufacturer moves to the next step of publishing master data disc that is a much larger issue now-a-days. And when it comes to artwork creation, the experts develop your business logo, company name, and contact information as well in order to make the disc as a regular business card. At the end, they duplicate a large number of discs as per your requirement and make them ready for DVD printing, packaging, and DVD distribution.

Finally, we can say that CD business cards just not only describe your identity in the corporate world, but also assist you to market your business products and services largely.

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