Monday, 31 December 2012

Printing onto Discs: Know About Different Techniques

Do you know a digital source of advertisement hugely affects the whole promotional market? Yes, it is a true. With the coming of digital technology, all the aspects of advertisement have completely changed. In today’s time, no doubt, media plays a magnificent role in the promotional market, and as a result the media manufacturers become advanced in terms of innovative ideas to make this source of advertisement more effective and attractive. When it comes to promote a product at a great scale, media greatly comes into play. It is a well-known fact that a media or disc attracts the customers first by its expression, and after the information into it. Undoubtedly, every business leader in the corporate world to promote his business products or services prefers to get the most effective printing on disc, an attractive promotional source.

If you think that promotion is only about CD distribution, then at this point you are wrong, it also permits the targeted audience to show their interest to know about the marketing product. Are you a business person and thinking about DVD distribution to promote your business product or services? If yes, then it is prominent for you to go for the recommendable disc printing service. But, before considering the disc printing service, it is also important for you to learn the different printing technologies. Now-a-days, to make the promotional product more impressive and striking, there are numerous disc printing technologies in the market that offer fabulous disc printing solutions. If you want to know about such printing technologies, then just have a look on the following mentioned points that go as:

PhotoPro Printing
It is one of the fabulous DVD printing processes, which help you to get the extremely robust high-resolution images. It is a recommendable state-of-art digital disc printing technology, in which first the digital files are reverse printed onto transfer film using an electrostatic process. After that while using the accurately dignified quantity of heat and compression, they are directly applied to the disc surface. At the end of the PhotoPro printing process, all the printed pictures robustly get stick to the disc surface with a highly luster and flat look. Since it is very cost-effective printing process, you don’t need to spend big amount to get the printing job done onto the discs.

Digital Printing
Digital Printing is a technique in which a professional photo coat print layer is developed on the high-end laser printer that uses rich CMYK colors. Undoubtedly, when you go to get the printing done onto discs via this method, you are ensured to get an excellent quality and stability in addition to active colors and extraordinary color reliability.

Thermal Printing
Now let’s talk about the thermal printing process, in which a single color text or simple line figure is printed on the disc surface with the help of a heat transfer strip. This technic allows you to get one color printing that is actually standard black of text and few slight images.

Offset Printing
You must have heard about the offset printing technique that is a dynamic printing process. Mostly, it is used to print the text, artwork, and graphics on the replicated DVD surface. To give the manufactured disc a strictly professional look, a full color artwork is uses on it. During the process of offset printing, first DVDs are being pressed over the white flood coat screen. And in the next step, each plate is inked with Yellow, Cyan, Black, and Magenta color. No doubt, this process ensures you to get the color print consistency. Not only this, but it is also best suited for many applications that you can use to make the promotional product more attractive.

Silkscreen Printing
When it comes to silkscreen printing, it is a technique, which is used to get the rich print, simple artworks and proficient-quality text on replicated DVDs. When you get done with the replication of DVDs, after that the process of Silkscreen printing is started. In this process of Silkscreen printing, first a screen is developed that is up to pantone machine system colors. Before the product moves to the packaging and supplement process, you get the discs with a complete exclusive retail appearance.

We hope that now you have got to know about various types of DVD or CD printing techniques and you can go for the one to make your marketing product more real and eye-catching.

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