Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Best DVD Packaging

CD and DVD manufacturing is a process that is has many technical points to it. It has a little complicated process that is not understood by everyone.  Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to how their finished CD or DVD artwork should look for maximum visual impact. Whether it's retail, corporate, promotional or even a giveaway, there are hundreds of CD and DVD packaging or optical storage disks options available.

Things have come a long way since the first music CD was launched in the 1980s. The simple song list and lyric covers that were inserted in the original CD jewel case have moved over for the more complex and visually interesting multi-page CD and DVD cover designs of today.

As music has evolved, so has the CD packaging. Similarly, the DVD you recently played at home, has undergone that same evolution. DVD Distribution companies spend huge sums on promotion, marketing and advertising and to make sure their DVD packaging is eye-catching, cutting edge, even "over the top", to grab the buyer's attention. The DVD packaging needs to reflect the style, tone and pace of the movie, so that buyers will be motivated to buy and watch that movie.

The old plastic case has given way to metal," flat panel" and "cut out", 3D or even Holographic designed cases. The newer Blu-Ray discs will certainly set new packaging heights as they become more common and title owners vie for sales. No limits DVD packaging means more sales. New Digital Print technology means that fast, quality, affordable CD & DVD packaging is now within reach. Packaging budgets now go further as costs have come down, and tight deadlines are now achievable.

There are lots of generic options available, some so simple that no printed paper parts are required. The Internet can be extremely helpful for deciding which packaging is right for your next CD or DVD duplication job. These days’ duplication companies have easy to use templates available on their websites, making it simple for you, or your art team, to download and get to work on new and innovative packaging. Several duplication companies offer more than 20 different CD/DVD packaging options to cover most requirements. These are Mac and PC friendly. Web sites offer this type of service free of charge. Jobs are then finished on the latest technology Offset or Digital Printing systems, packed up and ready for distribution in a few days.

After spending so much time and effort perfecting the content and print of your CD or DVD it is important to pack your disc into an eye catching and original pack to grab your end users attention and make sure they will jump on your product. CD duplication or DVD duplication can take time, as well as CD printing or DVD printing, but CD/DVD packaging is something important that shouldn't be forgotten. You could usually find a wide range of 'off the shelf' packaging solutions for you to choose from but most of the time, any company specialized in the field would be happy to work with you to create and design a new and bespoke pack to suit your brand that has never been seen in the market place before!

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